Fit Female Torso | Woman Torso | Woman Body | Rainbow Color Sculpture


Rainbow colored fit nude woman torso figurine, Fit Female Torso
Fit Woman Body Sculpture, Nude Female Torso Figurine, Women Statuette, Naked Woman

A modern eco friendly nude woman torso designed to add a unique piece of art to any home.
This statuette will provide a decorative touch to any room and is a great gift for your loved ones.

8 inches tall = 20cm.

The product is made to order using a corn based plastic – PLA, which is environmentally safe while also being lightweight and durable.
We use 3D printing technology to create these unique handmade items.

100% Eco friendly plastic
Hand- Washable

If you have any questions feel free to message us.

Since this is a 3D printed product there may be some minor imperfections
Product can’t exceed temperatures above 160 degrees fahrenheit (70 degrees celcius)
Not dishwasher safe


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